Power, myths, materiality. A multilingual reflection over the conditions for knowledge production in times of political turbulence

  • Datum: –15.45
  • Plats: Eng2-0076 Thunbergsvägen 3 D, bv (t.h.)
  • Föreläsare: Ann-Sofie Lönngren and MA- and PhD-candidates connected to the research node “Science, validation, partial perspectives: knowledge production beyond the norms” present a collective writing project
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  • Arrangör: Hugo Valentin centrum
  • Kontaktperson: Satu Gröndahl
  • Seminarium

Språklös, gränslös, fabulös: En seminarieserie om språk, identitet och norm
The seminar is in English.

Ann-Sofie Lönngren, Ph.d. and Associate Professor (Docent) in Literature, university lecturer in gender studies; research leader of “Science, validation, partial perspectives: knowledge production beyond the norms”. Department of Literature & Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden. Ann-Sofie Lönngren is book-editor for lambda nordica: ann-sofie.lonngren@lambdanordica.se and author of Following the Animal. Power, Agency, and Human-Animal Transformations in Modern, Northern-European Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).