Seminarium i datorlingvistik

  • Datum: –12.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken
  • Föreläsare: Hannah Rohde
  • Kontaktperson: Ali Basirat
  • Telefon: 0184717006
  • Seminarium

Meaning and form in coreference processing

The study of pragmatics  examines the mechanisms underlying speakers' ability to construct  meaning in context and comprehenders' ability to infer meaning beyond  what a speaker has explicitly said. These abilities are taken to depend  both on the properties of what is said as well as on considerations of what isn't  said.  In this talk, I present a series of psycholinguistic studies that  highlight how coreference is sensitive to inferences about likely  meanings (over possible underlying coherence relations) and estimates of likely forms (choice of referring expression). The  studies are framed in terms of Bayesian updating: how do comprehenders  estimate the probability of different messages and the likelihood of  different forms for expressing those messages?  A number of properties at the levels of events, discourse structure, and  utterance formulation help comprehenders estimate upcoming material  (probabilities over possible messages); the context of alternative forms  is shown to influence how speakers refer and how comprehenders interpret those forms (probabilities over choice of  referring expression). hat is most intriguing about the data is the  apparent independence of contributions from factors related to message  meaning and those related to message form.