Social sciences research

We explain and understand the consequences of human interaction.

What do we research?

The research subject of the social sciences is human interaction. The research helps us explain and understand the consequences of humans interacting in different parts of society, and provides tools to consciously shape our society.

How to understand one another? How to explain the new phenomena that spring up in society? What factors influence our decision making? These are all questions that research in the social sciences seeks to answer. “The social sciences” is a broad term, running the gamut from politics, economics, psychology and sociology to advanced computer systems and dietetics.The research in the social sciences at Uppsala University is renowned both internationally and in Sweden, and we conduct several research projects in collaboration with different universities all around the world.

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Hans L Zetterbergs pris i sociologi

Hans L Zetterbergpriset delas ut till ”yngre forskare, svenska eller utländska, som med sitt vetenskapliga arbete, helst genom att fruktbart kombinera teori och praktik, flyttat fram forskningsfronten”. Prissumman är 100 000 SEK. Priset ska delas ut årligen och ska ses som internationellt. 

Nomineringen för 2019 års pris är nu öppen. Skicka din nominering senast 22 april till Se den fullständiga utlysningen som pdf.

2018 års pristagare är professor Shamus Khan vid Columbia University. Han tilldelas Zetterbergspriset för sin framstående bidrag till forskningen om eliter. I samband med prisutdelningen ger professor Shamus Khan en föreläsning med titeln Understanding Sexual Violence.

SYLFF scholarships

In 1987, the global scholarship programme Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders' Fellowship Fund (SYLFF) was started by the current Nippon Foundation. Today, the programme exists at 69 universities in 44 countries.

In 1988, Uppsala University was the second institution in the world to be awarded a large donation which gives an annual return in the form of post-doc scholarships (for maximum 3 years’ funding) at the Faculty of Social Sciences under the Social Science Program for Increased International Understanding.

Scholarships can be applied for in the autumn of each year.

Honorary doctoral degrees

Honorary doctoral degrees are awarded to distinguished individuals who have made an outstanding academic contribution or in some other way promoted research at the University. Each year, the faculty boards have the opportunity to appoint one or more honorary doctors.

Honorary Doctors of the Faculty of Social Sciences