RADICALISATION - Jihadiship: From Radicalization Processes to Deradicalization (seminar)

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Engelska parken Engelska parken, Hus 22: 0031
  • Lecturer: Marco Nilsson, Associate Professor Political Science and Lecturer Jönköping University
  • Organiser: Centrum för forskning om religion och samhälle (CRS), Centrum för mångvetenskaplig forskning om rasism (CEMFOR) och Teologiska institutionen
  • Contact person: Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon
  • Seminarium

– A lecture and seminar series in collaboration with CEMFOR. 
Seminars open to researchers and Phd candidates with an interest in the field. (in english)

Marco Nilsson’ s research concentrates on issues of violent conflict in international politics. He has studied amongst other aspects how ideology and religion can complicate peace negotiations, the tactical efficacy of the suicide bomber and Swedish Jihadis. Marco Nilsson is also currently researching Islam in Sweden and refugees.

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