A Seminar Series: ”The emotional circus” – What do we feel as researchers?

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Observatorieparken Gamla Observatoriet, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8
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  • Organiser: Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society, Circus
  • Contact person: Claes-Fredrik Helgesson
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Seminar 3: 12 dec 10.15-12.00 – What do we feel as researchers?

What shape do emotions take in different contexts and what influences what we can feel?  Emotions are fascinating and elusive phenomena. Emotions have also emerged as a topic for research in a number of areas within the humanities and social sciences. The aim with the seminar series is to gather researchers within Uppsala University interested in studying emotions. We simply want to learn to know one another and to generate a collective overview of how emotions is researched in different areas. We want furthermore to explore the possibility to develop further collaborations on the topic.
Initiators: Stina Bergman Blix, Ulrika Dahl, Annelie Drakman, Margaretha Fahlgren and Circus
Format: A few texts will be distributed ahead of each seminar. The seminars will be held in English in the case there are participants who do not speak Swedish. The seminars will follow by discussion and a small lunch sandwish. 

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A Seminar Series: ”The emotional circus” –  What do we feel as researchers?