RELS – Uppsala reselitteraturseminarium

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 2-0047
  • Lecturer: Lars Berglund, Department of Musicology and Ola Wiberg, Department of Education/History
  • Organiser: RELS Uppsala reselitteraturseminarium, Paula Henriksson and Christina Kullberg
  • Contact person: Christina Kullberg
  • Seminarium

Carl Lilliecrona Goes to the Opera: An Eyewitness Account from Rome, 1642

On February 27, 1642, the young nobleman Carl Lilliecrona, who was on an educational journey through Europe, arrived in Rome. Already the next day, he was personally invited by Cardinal Antonio Barberini to attend an opera performance in the new theatre of the Barberini Palace at Quattro Fontane. The opera was Il palazzo incantato by Luigi Rossi and Giulio Rospiglioso (later Pope Clemence IX). This was one of the most mythical opera productions in the first half of the seventeenth-century. In his travel journal, Lilliecrona describes this experience in a detailed and graphic manner, in what is a unique source of historical reception. In our presentation, we put both the journey and the opera performance in a wider historical context.