Seminar in Assyriology: Ethnicities, Status, and Programming: Alternative Approaches to Gender in the Ancient Near East

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 22-1009
  • Lecturer: Ellie Bennet, University of Helsinki
  • Organiser: Assyriology, The Department of Linguistics and Philology
  • Contact person: Jakob Andersson
  • Seminarium

Ellie Bennett is an Assyriologist with a strong interest in Gender Studies. Her PhD thesis (University of Birmingham) focussed on the ‘Queens of the Arabs’ during the Neo-Assyrian period, which explored both female rulers and Pre-Islamic Arabian history and archaeology. Ellie’s previous work was a further exploration into gender studies and investigated the masculinities used by the Neo-Assyrian kings in their titles and epithets.

The reading list provides links to resources which offer a background to the discussions in the seminar. All interested parties are warmly welcome.

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