Are we humans or? Reflections on the limits between man and machine in an age of artificial intelligence and data-essentialism

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Ekonomikum Room A122
  • Lecturer: Jakob Svensson
  • Organiser: Department of Informatics and Media
  • Contact person: Christian Sandström
  • Seminarium

Now that more and more people seem to be propagating to jump on the AI train before it is too late, it is important to critically reflect upon the algorithmically processed data flows that AI is based upon.

In this lecture Jakob Svensson will depart from a critique of data-essentialism, i.e. that everything and everybody can be reduced to data, connect ideas of AI to modernity thinking, as well as question the notion of intelligence in AI. The lecture will be loosely tied the song Human from the Killers released 2006.