Ekrem Çetinkaya: "Aristotle on the Causal Efficacy of Perceptible Qualities"

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Seminar through Zoom (ID 617 5835 7355, please contact Pauliina Remes for password)
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  • Organiser: Department of Philosophy
  • Contact person: Pauliina Remes
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The Higher Seminar in the History of Philosophy

Ekrem Çetinkaya, Uppsala University: "Aristotle on the Causal Efficacy of Perceptible Qualities"

Seminar through Zoom, join using this link, or the meeting ID 617 5835 7355 (please  contact Pauliina Remes for password)

What causal powers, if any, do colors and other perceptible qualities have? Aristotle seems to grant perceptible qualities the power to be perceived by sentient bodies. However, it is unclear whether he allows these qualities, in his ontology, to be productive of any other effect than the perceptual one. The present chapter investigates this possibility by taking an approach not yet sufficiently explored in the literature: It undertakes to examine several examples to determine whether and what kind of changes qualities can bring about in insentient or sentient bodies. By so doing, this inquiry aims to establish the possibility that for Aristotle, perceptible qualities can actualize their powers by generating non-perceptual effects. This will eventually save his realism about qualities against a possible threat.