Pedagogical portfolio - a way to show pedagogical competence

​​​​​​​Pedagogical competence is one important qualification in your academic career, both in Sweden and internationally. To show your pedagogical competence is, for example, required when you apply for a position or a promotion in academia.

The way to show pedagogical competence is through a pedagogical portfolio. This is a dynamic document, continually updated along with your development and career. It's advantageous to start early on with your portfolio, but it is in the other hand never too late.
In this seminar we talk about what a portfolio is, what it can look like and how you can think when you work with your portfolio. We will also discuss what we mean with pedagogical competence, in comparison with teaching competence. The seminar is aimed for those of you that are early, as well as a bit further in your career.

Note: If you plan to apply for Distinguished teacher ("Excellent lärare"), we recommend another seminar, Att ansöka till Excellent lärare, steg 1.

Jannika Chronholm-Andersson, Stefan Pålsson (TUR)