Narrating Sustainability - Sustainable Narratives

  • Date:
  • Location: Zoom
  • Organiser: Uppsala University Campus Gotland
  • Contact person: Owe Ronström
  • Workshop

Invitation to teachers, supervisors and PhD students at Uppsala University’s Multidisciplinary Graduate School in Sustainable Development.

“People usually begin to ask what a hammer is only when the hammer is broken.”

So – what is sustainability?

We, ethnologists and folklorists at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, cordially invite you to a workshop on narratives and sustainability. The workshop will, hopingly, be held IRL in the premises of Campus Gotland, but will also be livestreamed via Zoom. The ambition is that the workshop will support and strengthen the initiatives in sustainability studies at Campus Gotland, by focusing on sustainability from a narrative perspective:

In the workshop 14 eminent scholars from Europe and the USA will approach the meanings and practices of sustainability through the concrete, local contexts where discourses are articulated, negotiated and fixated, from noisy battles to silent agreements. The goal is to come to grips with how sustainability both interacts with and reinforces already established discourses and practices in different social areas, and at the same time subordinates, challenges and radically transforms them.

Owe Ronström, Camilla Asplund Ingemark, Carina Johansson

For registration, please send an email to Owe Ronström;