Epigenetic literacy and the integration of epigenetics in school biology - MINT seminar

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Via Zoom Meeting ID: 62874571271
  • Lecturer: Niklas Gericke, Professor in Science Education and Director of the Research Center SMEER (Science, Mathematics, Engineering Education Research) at Karlstad University, Visiting Professor at NTNU, Norway.
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  • Organiser: Center for Discipline-Based Education Research at the TekNat faculty (MINT)
  • Contact person: Anna Eckerdal
  • Seminarium

A research seminar in discipline-based education research on a educational design research (EDR) project on incorporating the latest developments in biology, epigenetics in particular, into the upper secondary school curriculum.

It is important that school biology follows the advancements of science and update the curriculum in accordance with this development, especially if these discoveries have implications for our society and daily lives. Epigenetics is one such subject area in biology. Epigenetics is about how the environment interacts with genes, and thus how the environment can affect organisms’ characteristics and behavior. The central issue is no longer nature versus nurture, but nature and nurture integrated. This is though very far from how genetics is taught at schools. In the seminar, I will describe an educational design research (EDR) project where we transform epigenetics as an academic subject into a teaching module adapted for upper secondary school. First, we used a Delphi study with an international panel of experts to identify subject areas and contexts to base the curriculum on, i.e. an epigenetic literacy. Thereafter, we worked for a year with teachers to develop and implement a teaching module in a combined research circle and research design cycle. Results and experiences from the studies are presented at the seminar.