Literature seminar: Does Inquiry-based approaches harm Students' Learning?

  • Date: –13:00
  • Location: Zoom room:
  • Contact person: Stefan Pålsson
  • Seminarium

The term 'inquiry-based learning' is rarely used today, it is rather referred to by terms such as 'problem-based learning', 'constructivist learning' or 'inquiry learning'. The underlying idea is that the emphasis is on learners discovering information, rather than having the information explicitly presented for them. In this article, Sweller argues that there are no empirical oct theoretical justification for its use. On the contrary, evidence from properly controlled trials do point in the opposite direction. According to Sweller this can be explained when we consider the cognitive architecture in humans (how we learn, think and solve problems).

In the seminar, we will discuss the article and the implications for our practice. Does the argument in the article make sense for us? To what extent do we actually practice 'inquiry-based learning' in our teaching at the faculty? Is there a place for 'inquiry-based learning' in our context?

Sweller, John. (2021). Why Inquiry-based Approches Harm Students' Learning. You'll find the article here:

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