Teaching portfolio, step 3: Feedback on your portfolio

This is the third step of support when you write your teaching portfolio.

Here, you will get concrete feedback on your portfolio draft. To take part in the workshop you need to send in your draft teaching portfolio, see below.

We will begin with general feedback on your submitted teaching portfolio. After the general part, all participants will give feedback in small groups.

Teaching portfolio, part 3 - Feedback on your portfolio is the 3rd seminar/workshop in the teaching portfolio series. In the first we gave more general information on what a teaching portfolio is. The 2nd workshop, part 2 of the series, focused on the criteria used in the appointments process and how the criteria was related to your pedagogical background and practice.

Sign up: You sign up by submitting your draft teaching portfolio. Submit it no later than September 21 to Pia Westerlund, pia.westerlund@uadm.uu.se.

Note: This seminar will focus on appointments and promotions but not the Distinguished teacher ("Excellent lärare") promotion. There is a special seminar series for those of you planning to apply for distinguished teacher promotion.

Stefan Pålsson & Marcus Lundberg (TUR)