Bioscience seminar series

  • Date: –09:45
  • Location: Join Zoom Meeting
  • Lecturer: Iliana K Kerzeli, MSc, PhD Student, Immuno-oncology Research Group, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
  • Contact person: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Single-cell RNAseq and longitudinal proteomic analysis of a novel semi-spontaneous urothelial cancer model

As we learn more about the importance of the tumor microenvironment and heterogeneity, there is a need to develop relevant in vitro and in vivo models that resemble these aspects of cancer, as clinical biopsy material can be scarce. We established an in vivo model of urothelial bladder cancer that can be used to study the tumor microenvironment during early carcinogenesis and tumor progression. Findings from our model addressing significant aspects of tumor development and the immune resposne against it, such as genetic background, sex and methods of tumor induction, will be presented and discussed. The related manuscript is in press!