AIMday Big Science Technology

Meet Big Science facilities, high-tech companies and scientists from Swedish universities and institutes. Take an active part in the discussions and help develop research facilities. Your expertise is needed. Registration is open until 5 October.

At AIMday Big Science Technology, workshop teams are put together to discuss challenges submitted by research facilities such as CERN and ESS.

The challenges are divided into the following categories:

1. Materials
– Advanced Materials
– Advanced Production Methods
– Carbon Fibre Material & Composite material
– Magnets & Cryo Technology

2. Robotics and Remote Handling

3. Big Data, Software Development, AI/ML, Control Systems

4. Detector Technology & Instrumentation, Diagnostics

Registration for AIMday Big Science Technology

Registration is open until 5 October.

Here's the list of challenges from Big Science facilities.

You choose which challenges you want to take part in discussing. 

Register through this link

Registration is free of charge.

AIMday Big Science Technology