Creating sustainable innovation projects

In order to be competitive and attract financial support and investments, your innovation project needs to be sustainable. How can the innovation process be steered in a sustainable direction and what does it mean?

The development of an idea is a step-by-step process covering several dimensions with the goal of building a strategy for implementation that is tailored to your idea. As part of our support, we offer a series of workshops on different themes, and this workshop is about sustainability. We will take on a practical approach to sustainability aspects in innovation and look into issues such as:

- What does sustainability mean in the context of implementing research-based ideas?

- Why should you work with sustainability issues?

-  How can you work with sustainability issues?

For whom?: This workshop is for you who is developing a research-based idea with the support of UU Innovation.

Structure: This workshop of 2 x 45 minutes provides an introduction to the topic and you will also get the opportunity to do some practical exercises.

Registration: By email to no later than 9 November.