International GIS Day 2021

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: This is a digital conference. Please register on this link
  • Contact person: Jan Amcoff
  • Konferens

Join us for the International GIS day 2021, where we will have the pleasure of enjoying several short talks centered around ongoing research that involves geographical information system in some form.

This event is hosted by UpGIS and Uppsala University Library. 


Jan Amcoff, Department of Social and Economic Geography: Welcome and introduction

Sara Lindersson, Department of Earth Sciences. Global riverine flood risk exposure – how dataset choice influences the estimates

Alexander Roesen Sjöstrand. Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. Changes, activities and bones - Analysing a Stone Age site on Gotland using GIS

Gijs Westra, Department of Social and Economic Geography. Spatial patterns of wellbeing in Sweden

Vera van Zoest. Department of Information Technology. Spatio-temporal prediction of COVID-19 test positivity in Uppsala Län.

Gustaf Svedjemo, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. Centre and Periphery -A GIS-analysis of central places on Gotland during Roman Iron Age, Migration Period and beyond.  

Clelia La Monica, Department of English & Centre for Digital Humanities. Visualising Minoan cultural-linguistic relationships: Using digital tools and datasets

Marina Toger, Department of Social and Economic Geography. Can we track an individual's precise path by her mobile phone? The short answer is NO

Please register on this link.