"Disentangling the Corporate Effect" & "Innovation catch-up in Chinese multinationals"

Joint seminar: the IB-group at the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University and the Department of International Business, Florida International University (FIU)

Presentations and speakers:

“Disentangling the Corporate Effect: Selective attention and parenting (dis)advantages” by Daniel Andrews (Ivey Business School at Western University), Stav Fainshmidt (FIU), Markus Fitza (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management) and Sumit Kundu (FIU)

“Innovation catch-up in Chinese multinationals: Ownership structure and the role of absorptive capacity” by Cong Su, Kong Lingshuang, Francesco Ciabuschi and Haifeng Yan (East China University of Science and Technology)

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to get in touch with us.