Senaste publikationer från samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten

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    Open access
  • Wesolowski, Katharina

    It’s All about the Money?: Family policies, individual gender-role attitudes, and childbearing intentions in an international perspective

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    Open access
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    Where Does Competition Come From?: The role of organization

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    Open access
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    Open access
  • Folke, Olle; Rickne, Johanna; Seiki, Tanaka; Tateishi, Yasuka

    Sexual Harassment of Women Leaders

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    Open access
  • Achermann, Sheila; Bolte, Sven; Falck-Ytter, Terje

    Parents' experiences from participating in an infant sibling study of autism spectrum disorder

    Ingår i Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2020.

    Open access
  • Papageorgiadis, Nikolaos; McDonald, Frank; Wang, Chengang; Konara, Palitha

    The characteristics of intellectual property rights regimes: How formal and informal institutions affect outward FDI location

    Ingår i International Business Review, 2020.

  • Hegre, Håvard; Bernhard, Michael; Teorell, Jan

    Civil Society and the Democratic Peace

    Ingår i Journal of Conflict Resolution, s. 32-62, 2020.

    Open access
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    Grind or Gamble?: An Experiment on Effort and Spread Seeking in Contests

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    Cross-national differences in child food neophobia: A comparison of five European countries

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  • Laureati, M.; Sandvik, Pernilla; L. Almli, V.; Sandell, M. et al.

    Individual differences in texture preferences among European children: Development and validation of the Child Food Texture Preference Questionnaire (CFTPQ)

    Ingår i Food Quality and Preference, 2020.

    Open access
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    Electoral violence and the legacy of authoritarian rule in Kenya and Zambia

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  • Döring, Stefan

    Come rain, or come wells: How access to groundwater affects communal violence

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  • Achermann, Sheila; Bölte, Sven; Falck-Ytter, Terje

    Parents’ experiences from participating in an infant sibling study of autism spectrum disorder

    Ingår i Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2020.

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    Do Local Power-Sharing Deals Reduce Ethnopolitical Hostility?: The Effects of ‘Negotiated Democracy’ in a Devolved Kenya

    Ingår i Ethnopolitics, s. 45-63, 2020.

    Open access
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    The Price of Inattention: Evidence from the Swedish Housing Market

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    Process evaluation in the field: global learnings from seven implementation research hypertension projects in low-and middle-income countries.

    Ingår i BMC Public Health, 2019.

    Open access
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    All the Single Ladies: Job Promotions and the Durability of Marriage

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    Open access
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    Visual attention to emotional faces in adolescents with social anxiety disorder receiving cognitive behavioral therapy

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    Konkurrens som organisation

    Ingår i Organisation & Samhälle, s. 22 22-28 28, 2019.

    Open access
  • Lagerqvist, Maja

    To crash on the bus (or sit on needles and pins)?: Buses and subways in teenage everyday geographies

    Ingår i Fennia, s. 280-294, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kotajoki, Jenniina; Grip, Lina

    Deradicalisation, disengagement, rehabilitation andreintegration of violent extremists in conflict-affectedcontexts: a systematic literature review

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  • Ulväng, Göran

    Recension av: Isak Gustaf Clasons herrgårdsrestaureringar 1888–1930, av Mats Fredriksson

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  • Poom, Leo

    Influences of orientation on the Ponzo, contrast, and Craik-O’Brien-Cornsweet illusions

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    Southern Darkness, Northern Light: "Civilisation" and "Savagery" in Anders Sparrman’s Southern African Travelogue

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  • Eklund, Lina; Stamm, Isabell; Liebermann, Wanda Katja

    The crowd in crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing as a pragmatic research method

    Ingår i First Monday, 2019.

    Open access
  • Hammarström, Gunhild

    Reflexioner kring Simone de Beauvoirs verk om åldrandet La Vieillesse

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    Derisive Parenting Fosters Dysregulated Anger in Adolescent Children and Subsequent Difficulties with Peers

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    The Civilian Side of Peacekeeping: New Research Avenues

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    Ingår i BMJ Open, 2019.

    Open access
  • Arora-Jonsson, Stefan; Bomark, Niklas; Edlund, Peter

    Organizing a Competitive Logic in the Swedish School Market

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  • Adman, Per

    Schoolchildren around the world are on strike: Here’s what you need to know

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  • Adman, Per; Uba, Katrin

    En unik handlingskraft: Varför klimatprotesteras det inte lika mycket i Sverige?

    Ingår i Uppsala nya tidning, 2019.

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    Genuin oro över passiv politik bakom ungas klimatstrejker

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  • Adman, Per; Uba, Katrin

    Ungas strejk för klimatet är ett unikt fenomen

    Ingår i Svenska dagbladet, 2019.

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    Does Individual Health Have Implications for Individuals’ Attitudes towards Minority Groups?: A Case Study from the Greek Population

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    Natural resource wars in the shadow of the future: Explaining spatial dynamics of violence during civil war

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    Barnkonventionens implementering i svensk lagstiftning och praktik – barns bästa och barns rätt att uttrycka sina åsikter vid vårdnadstvister

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    Destroying Trust in Government: Effects of a Broken Pact among Colombian Ex-Combatants

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    Open access
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    ‘We are not free here...’ – Palestinian IT students’ (im)mobile transition from university to employment or further education

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    Open access
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    Academic Dialogue for Peace

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    Politics of Colonization. Russian Imperial Governance through the Institution of Marriage

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    The determinants of democracy: a sensitivity analysis

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    Improvement in indices of cellular protection after psychological treatment for social anxiety disorder

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  • Hultin Rosenberg, Jonas

    Equality, Proportionality, and the All-Affected Principle


  • Mitchell, Don

    Review of Enclosure: Palestinian Landscapes in a Historical Mirror, by Gary Fields

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  • Mitchell, Don

    Le sans-abrisme, c’est une lute des classes

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  • Mitchell, Don

    Review of The Cry of the Renegade: Politics and Poetry in Interwar Chile

    Ingår i AAG Review of Books, s. 157 157-159 159, 2019.

  • Mitchell, Don

    Afterword: Territorial Justice in an Urban Age: Nachwort. Territoriale Gerechtigkeit im urbanen Zeitalter

    Ingår i GAM: Architecture Magazine, s. 208 208-213 213, 2019.

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    How B2B Companies Can Win Back Customers They’ve Lost

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    Attending Heart School and long-term outcome after myocardial infarction: A decennial SWEDEHEART registry study

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    Remaking the People’s Park: Heritage Renewal Troubled by Past Political Struggles?

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    Att skapa rum för rörelse: Folkets parks historia

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  • Pries, Johan; Jönsson, Erik; Yigit Turan, Burcu

    Om den relationella urbangeografins gränser: Fältanteckningar: Norra Sorgenfri, Malmö, 2019.

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    Påverkar nationell migrationspolitik flyktingflöden?

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    Open access
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    Profiling surface proteins on individual exosomes using a proximity barcoding assay

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    Open access
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    Emotional Mental Imagery Abnormalities in Monozygotic Twins With, at High-Risk of, and Without Affective Disorders: Present in Affected Twins in Remission but Absent in High-Risk Twins

    Ingår i Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2019.

    Open access
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    Democratic virtues and educational institutions in India: Black swans in conflict-ridden Jammu and Kashmir

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    Cities and Cultural Diversity – is there a spatial form for multiculturalism?

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    Open access
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    Accountability dilemmas and identity struggles

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    Achieving sustainable development goals: predicaments and strategies

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    How Regions can Develop in Ethiopia: The Need for a Paradigm Shift

    Ingår i Ethiopian Business Review, 2019.

    Open access
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    Autonomy, Democracy and Solidarity: The Defining Principles of Collaborative Civil Society Housing and Some Mechanisms that May Challenge them

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    Forward-looking moral hazard in social insurance

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    Technologies of Modern Reindeer Breeding as Technologies of Power in Circumpolar Russia: a Study of Selective Breeding of Evenki Reindeer

    Ingår i Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift (NAT), 2019.

  • Urban, Susanne

    Utanförskap innebär att det finns en gemenskap som inte fungerar: Debattartikel i Gefle Dagblad 2019-12-14

    Ingår i Gefle Dagblad, 2019.

    Open access
  • Urban, Susanne

    Book review: Migrants and City-Making: Dispossession, Displacement, and Urban Regeneration: Ayse Caglar and Nina Glick Schiller (eds)

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    ‘More like an Arcade’ – The Limitations of Playable Games in Museum Exhibitions

    Ingår i Museum and Society, s. 437 437-452 452, 2019.

    Open access
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    Slow Side of the Divide?Older ICT Non- and Seldom-Users Discussing Social Acceleration and Social Change

    Ingår i Digital Culture and Society, s. 85 85-104 104, 2019.

  • Prax, Patrick

    Drawing Things Together: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of a Cross-LAM Approach to Digital Game Preservation and Exhibition

    Ingår i Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidskrift, s. 332-354, 2019.

    Open access
  • Götz, Elias

    The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities

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    Russia and the Question of World Order

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    Geographical variations in the relation between final course grades and results on the national tests in social sciences, 2015-2017

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  • Christophers, Brett

    The rentierization of the United Kingdom economy

    Ingår i Environment and planning A, 2019.

  • Christophers, Brett

    A tale of two inequalities: Housing-wealth inequality and tenure inequality

    Ingår i Environment and planning A, 2019.

  • Christophers, Brett

    What is rent?

    Ingår i Dialogues in Human Geography, 2019.

  • Christophers, Brett

    The problem of rent

    Ingår i Critical Historical Studies, s. 303 303-323 323, 2019.

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    Introducing an Interdisciplinary Frontier to Judging, Emotion and Emotion Work

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    Open access
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    Increasing the take-up of the housing allowance among Swedish pensioners: a field experiment

    Ingår i International Tax and Public Finance, s. 1353-1382, 2019.

    Open access
  • Terechshenko, Zhanna; Crabtree, Charles; Eck, Kristine; Fariss, Christopher J.

    Evaluating the influence of international norms and shaming on state respect for rights: an audit experiment with foreign embassies

    Ingår i International Interactions, s. 720-735, 2019.

    Open access
  • Jansson, Jenny

    Vad studerade arbetare i Sverige och Storbritannien?

    Ingår i Arbetarhistoria, s. 28-36, 2019.

  • Pashkevich, N.; Haftor, Darek; Karlsson, M.; Chowdhury, S.

    Sustainability through the Digitalization of Industrial Machines: Complementary Factors of Fue lConsumption and Productivity for Forklifts with Sensors

    Ingår i Sustainability, 2019.

    Open access
  • Haftor, Darek; Malmberg, Linus

    Innovationer av affärsmodeller: vad & varför?

    Ingår i MGMT of Innovation and technology, s. 10 10-11 11, 2019.

    Open access
  • Guzzini, Stefano

    Preservando el momento humano (en memoria de Francisco Javier Peñas)

    Ingår i Relaciones Internacionales, s. 201 201-206 206, 2019.

    Open access
  • Kreiner, Claus Thustrup; Mörk, Eva

    Introduction to the special issue

    Ingår i International Tax and Public Finance, s. 1231-1233, 2019.