Theoretical Physics Wednesday Seminar: Congkao Wen

6D tree-level S matrices from rational maps

In this talk, we will discuss some recent progress on the study of six-dimensional S matrices. The theories we are interested in include the world-volume theories of single probe M5-brane and D5-brane, as well as 6D super Yang-Mills and supergravity. We will present twistor-string-like formulas for all these theories, analogue to that of Witten’s twistor string formulation for 4D N=4 SYM. These formulas allow us to study properties of these theories, such as moduli structures of supergravity theories. We also  deduce new formulas for scattering amplitudes of theories in lower dimensions, such as SYM and supergravity in five dimensions, and 4D N=4 SYM on the Columbo branch.