Jes Wienberg (Lunds Universitet): Memory, Memorials and Monuments – from Vendel to Abu Simbel

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken 16-0054
  • Arrangör: Uppsala Network for Cultural Memory Studies
  • Kontaktperson: Ina-Maria Jansson
  • Seminarium

A collage of comments, ideas and case-studies concerning memory, memorials and monuments.

Jes Wienberg from the Department of Archaelogy and Ancient History in Lund.

The lecture starts with some comments on the relationship between three competitive discourses – history, memory and heritage. It continues with an introduction to my own research into materialised memory, e.g. monuments and memorials, dealing with questions on canonization, legitimation/ use of the past, changing meanings and propaganda/ lies. Four examples are presented: The commemoration of archaeological discoveries in Denmark, however also mentioning Vendel; the Early Modern memorials by count Per Brahe on Visingsö in Vättern, in Västergötland and Uppland; the moving around with Viking Age rune stones in Lund – and Uppsala; and the commemoration of the so-called Reunion 1920 at the Danish-German border. Finally – as an advertisement – a short presentation of a coming book on World Heritage and Modernity with the temples of Abu Simbel as a central example for reflexion.  


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