Bioscience seminar

  • Datum: –09.30
  • Plats: Biomedicinskt centrum C4:2 Seminar room
  • Föreläsare: Natalia Papadopoulos, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University
  • Kontaktperson: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Deubiquitinating enzymes in the regulation of trafficking and signaling of PDGFRβ

Deubiquitinating enzymes are a large and diverse family of ubiquitin-specific cysteine proteases that regulate various cellular processes such as proteasome function, chromatin structure, endocytosis, cell cycle regulation and DNA repair and kinase signaling. We have discovered two deubiquitinating enzymes that affect ubiquitination state, modify trafficking pathways and influence signaling of platelet-derived growth factor receptor β (PDGFRβ). I will discuss potential  mechanisms of the regulation of PDGFR β function by these multifunctional and very interesting enzymes in the context ubiquitination-mediated receptor downregulation and degradation.