Seminar "Contemporary Justice"

NB! The seminar will be held online.

This event is part of the "Justice, Sustainability and Arctic Futures Reading Seminars". Please contact Dr. Corine Wood-Donnelly ( if you would like to attend the seminar or join the network.

This is a cross-disciplinary forum bringing together researchers across the social sciences for collaborative reflection on justice, sustainability and the future of the Arctic. This is an activity of the Justice, Sustainability and Arctic Futures Research Network, funded by the Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society at Uppsala University from Jan 2020-Dec 2021. The purpose of the group is not so much to discuss current events but critically discuss justice and sustainability, including the history and application of theoretical approaches and principles and to consider how these can be applied to understand the development of the Arctic. 

The group will meet around four times each semester to read and discuss texts in justice and sustainability, broad construed. The first series of reading groups will focus on justice and the second series will be on sustainability. Participants are welcome to recommend supplementary materials. 

Please contact the organiser Corine Wood-Donnelly, email: if you would like to attend the seminar or join the network. 

The readings

Islam, Maidul. “Flawed Idea of Justice”. Economic and Political Weekly. Vol 46, No. 32, 2011, pp. 116-121. Available at:

Nussbaum, Martha C. “Social Contracts and Three Unsolved Problems of Justice” in Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality and Species Membership. London: Belknap Press. 2006.

This term the group will gather fours times: on 20 February, 26 March, 30 April and 28 May.