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Life Cycle Assessment of a Lithium-Ion Battery pack for Energy storage Systems – the environmental impact of a grid-connected battery energy storage system

This master thesis assessed the life-cycle environmental impact from a lithium-ion battery pack intended for energy storage applications in 16 different impact categories. The findings in this study showed that the most important parameter in the cradle-to-grave assessment was the use-stage losses, which can be reduced by using electricity grids with high shares of renewable energy or by increase the round-trip efficiency of the battery system. Furthermore, four key materials; nickel, aluminium, cobalt and carbon black (representing graphite) was found to be major environmental impact drivers. Therefore, a recommendation to battery manufacturers is to prioritise sourcing these four key materials from sustainable suppliers to reduce the overall cradle-to-gate environmental impact. Lastly, by integrating recycling of the battery pack in the end-of-life-stage, it was possible to achieve a net reduction of 10-30 % of the cradle-to-grave climate change, acidification and fossil resource use. Therefore, the development of efficient and large-scale recycling will likely play a major role in reducing the environmental impact from lithium-ion batteries in the future.


Handledare: Mark Ellis & Camille Jourdain, Northvolt
Ämnesgranskare: Gunnar Larsson, SLU
Examinator: Petra Jönsson, Uppsala universitet
Opponent: Jonas Backéus