Studium – experience sharing, theme: Quiz in Studium

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Zoom room:
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  • Arrangör: TUR - teknisk-naturvtenskapliga fakultetens universitetspedagogiska råd
  • Kontaktperson: Stefan Pålsson
  • Workshop

​​​​​​​"Studium - experience sharing" is a series of seminars/workshops taking place once a month during spring, with each session focusing on a specific theme linked to Studium.

This session will explore in-practice examples presented by experienced teachers from the Tek-Nat faculty who have successfully created and used quizzes in Studium for their teaching. These examples will be discussed with a view of identifying good practices and ways to implement, as well as pitfalls to consider.

Although the built-in quiz tools in Studium will be presented briefly, the focus will be on using quiz in Studium as a tool for improving and supporting your teaching and pedagogy, rather than basic use of Studium. To learn more about the basics we refer to the support pages: and specifically about quiz in Studium:

No sign-up needed.

The workshop is organized by TUR.

Stefan Pålsson, TUR,
Tobias Jacobsson, Inst. för biologisk grundutbildning
Uwe Zimmermann, Inst. för materialvetenskap