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  • Föreläsare: Elin Luedtke
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  • Seminarium

Minimizing No-Load Losses at Hydropower plants – A Study of Effects from Transformer Switch-Off During Stand-by Operation

Hydropower is the most important power balancing resource in the Swedish electrical power system, regulating the power supply to match the load. Consequently, several hydropower plants have periods of stand-by operation where the power production is absent but where several devices within a plant are still active. Such a device is the step-up power transformer, which during stand-by operation still generates no-load energy losses. These losses can accumulate to a considerable amount of energy and costs during the long technical lifetime of the apparatus. One option to minimize these no-load energy losses is by turning the transformer off when its generating unit is in stand-by operation. However, when this transformer operational change has been explained to experts in the field, the most common response has been that a more frequent reenergizing of a transformer leads to higher risks for errors or transformer breakdowns.

This study aimed to analytically investigate three effects from this operational change. First, the potential of fatigue failure for the windings due to the increased sequences of inrush current. Secondly, the thermal cycling as a consequence of change in precent losses. Lastly, the energy and economic saving potentials for hydropower plants where this operational adjustment is applied. The created analytical tools were then applied on currently active transformers in different plant categories in Fortum’s hydropower fleet.

If this topic interests you, you are more than welcome to tune in for my presentation, where I also well share the received results and conclusions from the study. I hope to see you then!

Handledare: Pontus Egnell, Fortum Generation Hydro
Ämnesgranskare: Sandra Eriksson, Uppsala universitet
Examinator: Petra Jönsson, Uppsala universitet
Opponent: Sebastian Söderström