STS-sem: Rosalía Guerrero Cantarell "Computing instruction in lower secondary and upper secondary Swedish schools.."

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: via Zoom (Kontakta Daniel Normark för länk)
  • Föreläsare: Rosalía Guerrero Cantarell, University of Zurich
  • Arrangör: Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen / STS Uppsala
  • Kontaktperson: Daniel Normark
  • Seminarium

"Computing instruction in lower secondary and upper secondary Swedish schools from the late 1960s to the 1980s: Teachers responding to the challenge"

The paper is concerned with the introduction of computers and computer instruction into Swedish secondary schools between 1960-2000 and focuses in particular on the role of teachers. As the Swedish government launched several initiatives and programmes to introduce computers into schools, new demands and challenges arose for teachers to face. Through an analysis of the accounts of individual teachers, the positions of teachers' associations and debates in teachers' journals at the time, the paper highlights the role of teachers as important stakeholders and agents of change in the process of bringing computers into Swedish classrooms. Already in the late 1960s and 1970s, pioneering teachers made an effort to bring pupils into contact with computer technology. In the course of the 1980s curriculum reform, computer education was officially introduced into the curriculum of secondary schools with the goal of teaching pupils how computers could be used as a programmable tool, and about their role in developing the modern society. As a result of computers being introduced into Swedish classrooms on a larger scale during the 1980s, the use of this new technology in education became a source of anxiety and skepticism for many and, in particular, for social science teachers. Teacher training in computing was thus recognized by government and school authorities as an important aspect in helping teachers to develop IT skills as well as a positive attitude towards computer technology.